Alexis by the Bay Restaurant (Port Hope Simpson)
Bigland Boat Tours (Port Hope Simpson)
Campbell’s Place Bakery & Diner (Port Hope Simpson)
Penney’s Pitstop and Garage (Port Hope Simpson)
Red Roof Quick Stop & Garage (Port Hope Simpson)
Battle Harbour Historic Site (Battle Harbour)
Great Caribou Cafe & Shop (Mary’s Harbour)
SeaTown Cafe (Charlottetown)

Bigland Boat Tours (Port Hope Simpson)
Battle Harbour 
Red Roof Quick Stop (Port Hope Simpson)
Penney’s Pitstop (Port Hope Simpson)
Great Caribou Cafe (Mary’s Harbour)
Great Caribou Shop (Mary’s Harbour)
SeaTown Cafe (Charlottetown)

Port Hope Simpson is two hours from two National Parks. Mealy Mountain National Park Reserve to the North and Red Bay Nationial Historic Site to the south and just a 30 minutes drive and ferry ride from Battle Harbour National Historic District. We are in close proximity to Gilbert’s Bay Marine Protect Area, a 20 minute boat ride away.