“Kaumanik”  (Hau_mun_ ick): “An area of light, e.g. before the dawn or a light area in the dark water which allows you to see the seal”

Indigenous Guided Tours

When I was younger, I did not know what an amazing opportunity I had to experience the things I experienced. In fact, I thought everyone live the way I grew up. As I travelled and was asked to introduce myself, it astonished me how every one but me thought my life was fascinating. Now that I am older, I have come to realize what all the fuss was about.

This is truly a remarkable place; it continues to shape me along my journey. You are invited to join me as we go outside in nature and find something that connects us. I am sure it would not take long for us to find a common interest such as a drive to know what is beyond that bend, or up that hill, it could be the smells that catapults us to a particular place in our past, it maybe the story that is shared that inspires us to keep moving forward, or the pause along the way to ground ourselves to what really matters.

Whatever your reason to visit us here in southern Labrador, it will be our pleasure to share parts of our story with you.